Xtra-G Club Pvt. Ltd.

Xtra-G Club is an organisation on which stand for leading and consolidating the efforts of individual and groups working to achieve the healthy development and constructive education for the young generations to come.

Xtra-G Club Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 4th of January 2022, under the provision of companies act 2003 with CIN U22219KL2022PTC073249.


  • Xtra_G Club believes that present generation will be best remembered for the compassion and care shown towards children.
  • Xtra-G Club intense to utilise leading edge technology to effect a positive change of the society towards a child friendly world.
  • The main Paradigm in the work of Xra-G Club is learning - not teaching; its approach emphasize the students active role, experience and interaction with the practical application of the theorems they learn.


To be a partner in the students development especially in the scientific arena across the globe.

To fulfill our mission of being a partner in the students development we have launched to projects and two projects in the pipeline.